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Video Surveillance Solutions for Businesses and Organizations of Any Size or Type

Video surveillance is one of the most effective ways of providing round-the-clock security. All Campus Security offers fully customized solutions for all of your surveillance needs.

Video Surveillance System

Specializing in IP video surveillance systems, we are committed to keeping
your premises safe.

Easy System Expansion

Smart Search Capablities

Mobile Access

Automated Alerts & Security
System Integration

Fewer Cabling and Installation

Easy Video Verification

IP video surveillance systems are easiest to integrate with other business security solutions such as

Video surveillance helps law enforcement respond more quickly and appropriately to situations.

Video Surveillance System Design

Video surveillance systems should be installed in a way that will be beneficial to your organization, whether you’re looking to prevent theft and vandalism or protect your customers and employees.

Our technician teams, led by a Director of Installations with over 20 years of experience in video surveillance system design, will work with you to help you decide on the best software and hardware for the job.

Depending on your video surveillance system design, All Campus Security can help you decide which cameras will be best for your requirements. Everything will be considered, including the physical build of the camera, lens type, lighting situation, video compression, and more.


Part of the system design will include Network Video Recorders (NVRs). These devices host your security cameras and typically store and disperse video over the Internet to client devices, like your cell phone. Our team is ready to handle all of your server needs, from simple NVRs supporting a few cameras, to multi-server operations that support thousands of cameras.


Video Management Software (VMS) is the business-end solution for administering your camera-to-user interaction. The best VMS will have power-user features available for those who need it, but also a simplistic interface for easy live or recorded viewing.

Video Surveillance Installation

The security professionals at All Campus Security will ensure that all video surveillance installation occurs with as little disruption as possible.

No matter the size or type of your business, we can ensure your staff and premises are kept secure.

Our leadership team has decades of experience. We provide expert advice on system design, implementation, camera placement, and troubleshooting.

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Our team is dedicated to helping you find video
surveillance solutions that work within your budget,
keeping your business protected to the best of our ability.