Video Surveillance for Businesses – Why?

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Video surveillance systems are one of the easiest and most effective ways to protect your business. Not only from break-ins and burglaries but also from vandalism, theft and lackadaisical employees. Though important for commercial businesses, video surveillance for pharmacies is becoming more and more important. 

The opioid crisis and the diversion and abuse of prescription medications and pharmaceutical drugs is on the rise. Hence, pharmacies and drugstores have become prime targets for theft and break-ins.

A 2017 article by The Ontario College of Pharmacists details the responsibility pharmacies have to prevent opportunities for drug diversion. With around 7 134 pharmacy theft incidents occurring per year, there is a 14% chance of a pharmacy being robbed or burglarized. And, all pharmacies must be aware of the potential that exists for robberies, especially by those in search of narcotics.

Though there is nothing that can absolutely protect a pharmacy from break-ins and burglaries. However, certain measures can be taken to decrease the risk, and protect staff, customers and property.

According to the Pharmacy Crime Report, most criminals will visit their target pharmacy before the robbery, and visible video surveillance can deter criminals simply by their presence. 

Using Video Surveillance for Businesses

Video surveillance for business helps to monitor employee workflow, create a safer workplace, prevent employee theft, and reduce insurance costs. Besides acting as a preventative measure, video surveillance in pharmacies can also improve customer service quality, punctuality, and workplace discipline. 

Ideally, cameras should be placed:

  • On the sales floor, to allow you to react quickly to vandalism and theft
  • At the checkout area, because 40% of monetary losses happen at checkout
  • In the back office area, especially where stock is kept to prevent employee theft
  • At entrances, because 50% of pharmacy robbers enter through the front of the store

Benefits of IP Surveillance Systems for Pharmacies

While most pharmacies traditionally use closed-circuit television cameras, developments in IP surveillance systems have made them a powerful tool. Their resolution capabilities far outweigh any other surveillance system on the market. And, they are capable of capturing HD quality even when there is a high level of motion involved. This makes them the ideal video surveillance system for pharmacies. 

Some of the benefits of IP surveillance systems include:

1. Prevent some incidents of theft

According to some studies, the presence of visible video surveillance cameras alone was enough to deter 61% of criminals. Though the study referred specifically to break-ins and burglaries, visible cameras can also deter some theft by staff and visitors.

2. Record incidents of theft by robbers, employees and visitors

Should the visible surveillance not prove a deterrent, IP surveillance systems provide high-quality video without needing large amounts of storage. They also offer remote-access capabilities, allowing for crystal clear captures of any attempted theft during working hours. The high-level of detail attained by IP surveillance systems is extremely useful in capturing identifying information which can aid in possible prosecution. 

3. Register cases of vandalism and property damage

With  motion detection and text notification capabilities, IP surveillance systems are able to capture any security breaches, such as break-ins and vandalism, but can also notify you and your security service, of any issues in real time 

4. Reduce the number of pharmaceuticals sold without a subscription

Many hospital pharmacies now require visual documentation of all drug dispensing, to reduce drug diversion and ensure they help the correct patient. 

4. Provide safe routes for pharmaceutical deliveries

Pharmacy directors are responsible for providing safe routes for the delivery of pharmaceuticals, and visible IP video surveillance not only deters any thieves, but is also capable of capturing HD footage of any possible robberies. Video surveillance also provides visual verification of the arrival time and content of shipments, keeping delivery drivers and employees honest and reducing the risk of drug diversion. 

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Choosing Video Surveillance for Businesses

Unfortunately, with abuse of prescription medication on the rise, pharmacies are prime targets for break-ins and theft, and security systems have become a necessity. Video surveillance for pharmacies protects both customers and employees, and provides a clear record of any theft or vandalism, capturing footage in a resolution of up to 3 megapixels, which can make all the difference when it comes to identifying suspects after the fact.

IP surveillance systems also cover a wider field of view than their CCTV counterparts, allowing you to use fewer cameras and less cabling to cover the same areas – the dispensing counter, the sales floor, entries and exits, as well as delivery entrances. They also require less maintenance and are easiest to integrate with other business security solutions such as alarm systems and monitoring stations. Providing easy system expansion, remote access, smart search capabilities and automated alerts, they are the ideal solution for pharmacies. 

There are some privacy concerns when utilizing video surveillance for businesses, such as the confidential nature of prescriptions, and the customer’s right to privacy, but provided that the cameras do not record any private information about patients or their prescriptions, the benefits outweigh the risks.

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