Security Camera Systems with PTZ Cameras

The PTZ or Pan – Tilt – Zoom camera first came onto the scene in 1996 and took the surveillance world by storm. It introduced exciting new features, such as advances in sensors, IP technology, fanless designs, and optical image stabilizers. Ultimately, this ended up tipping the balance toward remote cameras as the security camera systems industry standard.

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Its use has become paramount to security success in many leading industries, and for good reason. Of particular use in large areas where crowd monitoring is important, such as malls, streets, and offices, most public cameras get replaced by PTZ enabled ones.

Other common uses include: number plate reading, facial recognition and tracking. 

PTZ Cameras – The Basics  

The term PTZ refers to the camera’s ability to move and tilt its lenses, as well as zoom in and focus on fine details. This gives them a number of advantages over other IP cameras, including a wider range of movement, larger area capture, and detail specific image capturing.

The most common type of PTZ cameras today resemble dome security cameras and you can mount them to a wall, a pole, or a ceiling, offering remote direction controls. They usually come encased in a hard-shell dome. This dome serves to both protect it and obscure the camera’s direction from curious onlookers. 

Certain types of software are also available. This enables the PTZ camera to move on its own when detecting motion. But, this uses more power than most other security cameras.

Common uses include: video conferencing; live production; lecture capture; distance learning; traffic monitoring; crowd monitoring; and identifying people entering and leaving a company. 

Leading Benefits for PTZ Camera Users 

For many campus heads, cost plays an important role in decision making. PTZ cameras offer good value for money. Thanks to their numerous abilities, a campus would need fewer cameras than they would with fixed IP cameras or CCTV camera systems to achieve roughly the same result.

Here are a few of the leading benefits in using PTZ camera systems:

  • Remote Control Access 

With the remote viewing software or apps available for these cameras, you and your security team can have full access to your campus security systems. Anytime and from anywhere. Instead of relying on a network of cameras to catch only parts of an incident, remote control access allows you to see all the action from just one camera unit.

  • Narrow Focus Abilities 

PTZ cameras combine the ability to cover large areas, with the option to zoom in and focus on details in real-time. Rather than having to cover an area with multiple cameras, PTZ cameras enable you to get both a high-level and detailed view of your worksite or school.

Is the PTZ Camera Right for Your Security Systems 

It is a fact that all campuses need some measure of security regardless of their size and industry focus. Unfortunately, what is right for one company may not necessarily be right for another. And, because of this, a school needs to ensure they understand what their needs are before choosing their campus security systems. 

Scenarios best suited to PTZ security camera systems include:

  • Large, Open Areas 

The PTZ camera’s signature movement capabilities make it most effective in areas that have a wide range of capture. This makes it suitable for campuses such as malls, warehouses, construction sites, mines, supermarkets, and schools.

  • High Volumes of Entry and Exit Traffic 

For many large companies, dozens of people may enter and leave the premises on a daily basis. If your campus houses any high-value assets, security will be paramount in ensuring your wares are kept safe at all times. PTZ cameras offer tracking and facial recognition abilities to make it easier to monitor comings and goings. This can be especially important for companies such as banks, software companies, and hospitals.

  • Zoom Function Necessity 

In many instances, a zoom function can be incredibly beneficial, especially in live capture mode. One of the main benefits of PTZ cameras, this zoom function is often required in industries such as jewelry and minting, where small details need to be monitored constantly. 

Campus Security Systems that Assist Where it Matters Most 

The versatility of PTZ security camera systems makes them ideally suited for a variety of campus models and industries. Proving that less really can be more, one of these advanced and intelligent cameras can replace as many as three of their lesser opponents. 

The world of security is an ever-changing thing. And, with so many improvements and capabilities already available to us, one can only imagine where the industry is heading. If you are looking to invest in a strong and secure future, PTZ cameras might just be what you need.

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