Is Video Retention Improving Texas School Security?

As the impacts of COVID-19 become more evident in the workplace, many employers are starting to re-evaluate campus and Texas school security.

They’re starting to pay attention to which divisions of their establishments are most at risk. Be it the employees themselves, HR, warehouse districts, or visitors. More companies are starting to seek new security measures. Not only to enhance their practical safety but the risk of illness and contraction too.

With so many security systems components up for improvement, safety is starting to change. Access control, recognition software, and data storage are becoming vital.

But one detail that has fallen under the radar is the importance of video retention policies.

Surveillance Storage Provides Easy Security Monitoring

Designed to be a data storage facility for video surveillance, retention specs allow for the storage of recorded footage. Because companies are able to access these records at any given time, it has often played an integral role in making the workplace more secure. And this can include:

  • Sorting out work disputes.
  • Providing evidence for crimes.
  • Generally inspecting the daily routine of an organization.

In most cases, you calculate retention capacities when campus security cameras’ systems are first installed. Security professionals take many factors into consideration, including:

  • The number of cameras installed.
  • The recording resolution used.
  • Which types of cameras to use.
  • And the type of campus that uses the system.

For the majority, video retention is well-planned. No real Texas school security complications surface.

But, system changes can have an effect on. Upgrades, hardware changes, and general use play a part and you should consider these for system management. As you add more cameras and features, retention and storage targets become smaller. While your system might improve, the original 30 days retention facility you installed can become 26 days, then 24 days, and so on.

Before you know it, you could find yourself needing specific video footage and not being able to locate it. Was it not stored? Or, was it deleted along the way?

Remote Operations Could See an Increase in Surveillance Needs for School Security

It is no secret that many companies have started investigating new remote access operations. As public restrictions become more stringent, many individuals are having to stay at home. Teams are shrinking and the levels of daily productivity in the school is showing the strain.

There are solutions to equipping your employees for remote work from home. But, taking the steps to install the camera and surveillance tools needed can be difficult and costly. There are so many factors to include, like:

  • How many of your staff will be working this way?
  • What kind of computer systems will they be using?
  • Can you upload the recorded footage to the company’s retention folders?

Simple Ways to Better Manage Your Security With Video Retention

Texas school security is becoming important. That is why it’s vital to understand all the requirements involved. Selecting a new system, or updating an old one to include new facilities, might be half the battle won. But, that does not mean you tick all the boxes.

There are many different ways to expand video retention and it is not always about the hardware you choose.

Auditing Your Camera Settings

As no two security systems are exactly the same, always check frame rate first. Systems need to get set up properly so that the resolution and motion sensitivity is correct. This way, you can get the best footage possible. However, this plays a role in what you can and cannot store. If the resolution is too high, the footage will take up more storage space, and you will get less retention.

Setting Up Your Archiving

Video archiving is not always used properly. In older cameras, things were far more manual and storage space was small and unimpressive. But surveillance systems have improved and technology is smarter. We are gaining the ability to view and store far more than ever before.

Surveillance systems now provide an easy archiving feature. So, setting up your storage has become relatively simple. You decide how many days you want stored at a time, program your system , and your camera will follow the instructions. 

But, if done right, you can have even more storage at no extra cost. If you have a SAN or a storage array that isn’t maxed out, you can create a volume on it and archive video to it. You can even use specific cameras to store more footage than the rest and take advantage of low-bandwidth times during off-hours. Simply by scheduling your storage times correctly.

Integrating Cloud Software into Your Texas School Security

As more of our technology is going online, the Texas school security industry has begun incorporating new facilities to accommodate us. By setting up an extra stream from your camera to a Cloud network, you can gain on-demand storage that you can access from anywhere.

In most cases, you can record many streams from the same camera on different platforms. So, adding critical camera streams to this platform for recording gives you a lot of flexibility to increase retention as needed.

Enhancing Your Texas School Security the Right Way

Video retention is important. Regardless of how you look at your Texas school security in relation to the risks we currently face. You should maintain it correctly at all times.

Organizations have less staff reporting to work, and schools are having to temporarily close. So, ensuring your security systems are properly set up is more important than ever. We should always try to reduce potential risks and liabilities where we can.

At All Campus Security, we believe that Texas school security is of the utmost importance. Not only in providing that needed peace of mind, but in successfully protecting your students and staff. Our team has decades of experience and we have worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes.

We offer a variety of services and solutions for your school. These include access control, structured cabling, alarm systems, and surveillance upkeep. There is no need to let your safety fall under the pressures of our current pandemic.

Give us a call today and let us assist you with your Texas school security needs. 

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