Identity Management for Schools in a COVID 19 World

With the emergence of the global pandemic, there has been a call for schools to increase their safety and security measures. From identity management for schools to sanitization, every aspect of daily operations needs reviewing.

But, how can you know what you must change when the policies themselves are constantly shifting? It’s your responsibility as an administrator to make sure your premises are safe. How do you know what ‘safe’ is?

With this gap in policy, there have emerged new stakeholders in the safety and security discussion. For a thorough plan, you need to consider compliance regulations and legal implications to the policy-making processes. The effects reach further than traditional security, operations, and facilities functions. For instance, you now need to involve HR and executive environmental health and safety (EHS) sponsors.

Moreover, you will need to include screening regulations dictated by the WHO, CDC, federal, state, and local government. This calls for a bit of a balancing act. You have to meet both the health and safety standards, but you also need to be aware of laws surrounding data privacy, employee rights, and students’ rights. This is particularly the case when you look at identity management for schools as part of your plan. On top of this, you have to abide by any updates to the guidelines of the EEOC, ADA, OSHA, and other state regulatory bodies.

But, what could make this process easier?

Scrambling for Health and Security Technology 

In fact, to find answers, schools are starting to look for digital solutions. The good news is that technology manufacturers have begun providing tools to help. And, as more options become available, schools are snatching them up to secure their own establishments. Here’s how:

  • Digital touchless thermometers are being mass-produced to check human temperatures.
  • Thermodynamic camera technology is continuing to become less cost-prohibitive to scan body temperatures.
  • Video recognition software is being designed with advanced distance-factor analytics included.
  • Contact-tracing and occupancy counting systems are being implemented into existing identity management for schools systems.
  • And the security landscape is driving a unified COVID 19 detecting initiative.

Will This Technology Work?

For the most part, several of these technologies are rather “young”. Adaptations and updates are frequent, and the costs vary from system to system. But regardless of the price tag attached, some of these software systems have yet to be fully proven.

No matter how critical our situation becomes, quality and effectiveness are still vital – now more than ever.

For such systems to be truly effective, there are factors that need to be considered while planning. After all, technology is not without limitation.

At any rate, there are environmental factors to think of, including:

  • The working space available.
  • The school’s employee and student count.
  • The community in which a school is located.

In truth, opting for smaller, standalone solutions can be cheaper. But, by only solving short-term needs, you limit your identity management for schools system and safety solutions. This makes them one-dimensional. Moreover, taking the chance of relying on one or two simple steps to protect your team will never be enough.

Thus, it all comes down to which factors you choose to concentrate on. But, to do this correctly, we need to start asking the right questions.

  • How well do physical technologies fit in our current school/campus structures?
  • Who should you choose to install your identity access management systems?
  • What should  professional identity management for schools cost?
  • How are we going to manage the data they generate?

An Identity and Access Management System is Vital

Data management has always been a challenge for many companies in any industry. Screening visitors and employees is more vital now than ever, to make sure the virus is contained. And campuses are having to look into their own systems and inefficiencies. Especially when they rely on visitor registration and credential management for operations.

The vetting and entrance facilities found at most schools have never been an exact model. And, if not much thought is put into it, it continues to be a manual and time-consuming process.

From employed security staff to sign-in forms and ‘honesty’ systems, visitor access management can be a difficult task to achieve. Not to mention that, in today’s environment, every physical touchpoint introduces the risk of infection. Finding better identity management for schools could help you to work through all the health and safety requirements. 

Securing Your Identity Management and Health With a Professional Team 

Now is the time to make some drastic changes, and All Campus Security is here to assist you every step of the way. We are able to redefine your identity management and security with professional technology solutions.

There are some practical and reliable security technologies available to meet your needs. 

We have been working to identify flexible middle-ware solutions your school can use. Seamless security integration has become the new benchmark. Whether it involves automated employee screening procedures or visitor identity management. We are now able to help you create a system that can do everything you need in a few seconds. 

Bridging the gap between physical and digital security has always been important. And now, in a time where every detail counts, professional security has the potential to truly flatten the curve. 

Our solutions include:

  • Video surveillance with recognition software.
  • Access control through entrance screening with identity and access management tools.
  • And preventative measures like smoke and intrusion alarms.

There is no need for you to rush to the first idea that seems like the perfect solution for identity management for schools. Give our team a call today and let us help you secure your employees, families, and assets the right way.

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