IP Business Security Systems – The Consumer Baseline vs. Professional Systems

With today’s e-commerce and security markets, one can easily go online and find numerous deals on IP cameras for competitively low prices. The first reaction for most will be joy at finding a bargain! Why should you spend a lot of money on business security systems for your campus? Especially when there are much cheaper deals online.

An important thing to keep in mind is that there is a big difference between a security system and a commercially available IP camera. Business security systems are professionally designed and implemented. Made up of numerous components, it all works together to provide a secure environment and peace of mind to business owners and campus heads. These components include: an IP camera; an integrated video recording system; integrated infrastructure that makes use of various networks, including video management software and display systems; as well as a professional installation that ensures 100% proficiency and optimization.  

An IP camera that you buy online is just that – a camera. Yes, it might cost much less than a professional system. But, at the end of the day, when asking that one question, “Is it right for my campus?” the answer will inevitably be no. The fact is, some things are always better handled by the professionals – even if your ‘Cousin Bob’ assures you he’s more than capable.

However, in order to fully understand the hows and whys, one needs to take a deeper look into the different types of security options, their capabilities, and their limitations.

The Difference Between Commercial and Consumer IP Business Security Systems

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There are many ways to approach this topic. But, the crux of the issue is and always has been quality versus price. We all want a decent level of life, security, and possibility but cannot always afford to pay that premium. In some cases, we prefer to Scrooge it up and get a little stingy with the handouts. As many rich people know, “you don’t get rich by spending money.” 

When it comes to commercial and consumer security systems, the fact is that commercial IP camera systems provide better quality and reliability when compared to consumer camera systems. Even if they do cost a little extra. This is why:


Have you ever heard the saying, “you get what you paid for?” Security systems are no different. When it comes to investing in your company’s security, you need to know that the security measures of your choice actually do what they say. And won’t fail you when you need them most. Commercially available products always come with that danger in the small print. After all, you actually have no idea where it came from or if it’s even the genuine article. Not to mention the labor costs you will most likely have to pay out to have it installed anyway.  

By choosing a professional system instead, yes, you might need to pay a premium, but you will have a 100% guarantee that your chosen hardware is the genuine article. And, it is always installed correctly. As an added bonus, it usually comes with future system checks and assistance. Warranties can also save you a lot of money down the line if something goes wrong. 

Video Capabilities 

Buying a consumer security camera yourself can be tricky. You never really know if you are getting the best option or not. One of the main benefits of choosing a professional security system is that you can tailor each and every system to suit any and all needs. Professional companies put a lot of resources into informing their staff and keeping them up to date with all camera models and specifications. 

Commercial IP camera systems are designed to record the video from large quantities of network-attached IP cameras. And because of this, have a lot more potential for growth and potential cost-saving benefits, as you can just add on cameras instead of having to install an entirely new system. Consumer IP cameras or systems are designed for smaller applications and could backfire in the event of business growth. 

Finally, professional IP systems have secure connections to dedicated video recording systems. This allows for a video data stream that is encrypted and better protected. They often come with effective alarm detection features that concentrate on critical video recording. These are all benefits that a professional touch can give you. 


Product performance is everything, in both the short and long term. When spending the money needed to secure your establishment, you must have the confidence that your system will last and perform for a decent amount of time. Professional IP cameras provide advanced features that are not available in consumer cameras. One example is that you can adjust them to reduce false alarms. This controls the number of notifications to the security center and reduces the recorded video. Thereby, you end up saving on resources and hardware use.

Again, as most professional security systems receive tailoring to suit your purposes. You can opt for a system composed of high-performance PTZ cameras. These have an extended range that allows you to see objects that are miles away. 

As most consumer purchases include just the camera, one gets the video capture. But, the other benefits that come with a professional system seldom come included. 


Due to the fact that a commercial security system is an actual system and not just a camera, an entire array of security measures open up. Measures that one would not get using cameras alone. Some of these benefits include protection from hacking and malware. 

Most consumer-based security systems are simple and work with a few cameras connected to a wifi signal. This makes it easy to hack and manipulate. Whereas, larger professional systems tend to work with apps and other smartphone technologies. These connect to the video management software (VMS) or the NVR, rather than the camera itself, providing better security control.

Business Security Systems That Make the Difference You Need 

As IP camera systems are designed for professional applications, they provide better quality, reliability, and all the functionality required by campuses of all sizes and needs. When choosing professional commercial installation, you are not just choosing the camera that may have cost you less, you are choosing a well-rounded, professionally-designed security system that covers your campus in more ways than before. 

As the world is ever-changing and new threats are an almost daily certainty, the days of simple surveillance are shifting to make room for newer and greater things. It will always be more beneficial to opt for professional business security systems for your campus, and even if it does cost that little extra now, it could be the thing that saves you thousands in the future.

Business Security Solutions for Your Campus

Your choice of business security solutions is one of the most important decisions you will make. It is essential for keeping your assets, staff, and visitors safe. But, not too long ago, the best anyone hoped for from their business security solutions was a system that sounded an alarm if the correct code wasn’t punched in in time. Or, one that sent a signal across the phone lines when an emergency occurred. Nowadays though, rapid advances in technology have led to a complicated landscape of innovations. This can make it difficult to find a simple and effective security system that suits your campus’ needs. 

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Some security systems can even aid in identifying and prosecuting criminals. Of course, a business or campus’s security needs will be different from those for a home, with more complex requirements. Commercial buildings often have more foot traffic. And, depending on the services or products offered, could also be far more attractive for criminals. Since businesses and campuses have more complex needs, their security systems are also more complex. They usually feature access control, video surveillance and remote monitoring. 

While it is tempting to rush into a new system, to take advantages of the benefits it offers, it is important to take time to consider your specific requirements. These include:

  • The physical areas of your business
  • Which features you need
  • Which areas need the most security
  • How much security you want

Do you need to keep out burglars? Or, is there sensitive information that needs to be kept separate from your general staff?

When choosing a security solution for your campus, there are a few key features to keep an eye out for. 

Five Key Features of Business Security Solutions

Integrated Video Surveillance and Access Control

Video surveillance and access control are vital parts of any business security solution. The system should also have the ability to record video for future reference. Cloud-based storage is the latest trend in video surveillance. Conditional recording, such as recording only when an invalid access token tries to access a secure area, or when a motion detector records movement, may also be a viable option for some campuses.

Motion Sensor Technology

You can link motion sensor technology to alarm systems and video surveillance, sending alerts or beginning a video recording when the system detects movement. This is extremely helpful in saving video storage space, and in saving time when going through footage to find a specific incident. 

Remote Access Capability

While some security systems require you to be on the premise in order to monitor the system, recent innovations mean that some systems allow you to monitor remotely – such as viewing video surveillance from your smartphone or home computer. Remote monitoring also allows you to quickly tell the difference between a real and a false alarm. So, you only need to worry when there is a real danger.

Centralized Command Center

Managing your entire security system from a centralized location is very important for most businesses. Being able to view video surveillance, access control, alarm systems, and motion detectors from a single location and through a single feed makes for easier management.

Instant Alerting

While some alarm systems merely make a loud noise or flash lights when detecting an intruder, which may be enough to scare them off, most security systems come with instant alert features. These provide alerts via email or messaging when it detects unusual activity. This can also boost security and prevent losses by allowing you to react to incidents with sufficient speed. 

Business Security System Installation

Further than protecting your campus from vandalism and theft, business security system installation can also improve day-to-day operations, productivity, and profits. Video surveillance systems, for example, can improve productivity by monitoring workflow. They can also help you to protect, monitor and secure both your employees and your company.

Business security system installation should be personalized in a way that will be of the most benefit to your campus, taking into account your requirements and budget. 

All Campus Security offers customized, integrated business security solutions, including video surveillance and access control systems, for organizations of all sizes and types. We help you with business security solutions, designed to give you peace of mind and keep your staff, customers, and faculty safe. 

A One-Size-Fits-All Approach Could Harm Your Business Security

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If you’ve heard the term “one size fits all”, then you have most likely met some eager salesmen. It’s an attractive thought, especially if you’re trying to lower your costs. The fact is, you’re better off looking at business security and surveillance from a more objective standpoint. 

Let’s face it, no matter how big or small your business is; it needs security. Regardless of which industry you’re in, every business starts and runs on capital. Whether you see it in the value of merchandise you own, the products you produce, the information you harbor, or actual money. The chances are there will be someone who is willing to try to steal it away from you. Because of this, you have to make sure you are properly protected. 

According to The State of Cybersecurity in Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, “61% of employees experienced some type of cyber attack in 2017. 54% of those data breaches involved customer and employee information. These attacks cost organizations an average of $1,027,053 each year, due to damage or theft.”

Sadly, many businesses do go about it the wrong way. They buy into the myth and then try to buy a standard “good for anything” security system. This could actually be putting them at risk instead of providing protection. So instead of buying these systems, businesses should rather be looking into custom systems and how they would benefit them better in the long run. 

One Size Business Security Does Not Necessarily Fit All

At the end of the day, every business is different and what’s right for one, may not be the best fit for another. There are numerous factors that go into what kind of security an establishment actually needs, and you should always start by assessing what your basic needs are before purchasing a  security solution. 

Businesses Have Unique Spending Budgets 

Because different industries produce different cash flows, businesses have different budgets. For example, a local coffee shop will not be able to afford the same costs a private hospital could cover, also because of their vastly different security levels (patient records, medical equipment, and medications vs the day’s takings) there will be a vast price difference in the needed security installations.   

Different Sized Businesses Have Different Needs

The size of your business is a major factor in security plans. In most large businesses, it’s best to invest in an access control system, especially if you have a workforce of over 500 employees. These systems monitor and track large flows of traffic in and out of a building. However, if your business is smaller (closer to 20 employees or less) this system could actually work against you, because of the familiarity and involvement you have with your company. In this case, an IP surveillance system would be more appropriate.  

Businesses Have Different Risks   

A good reason why a one-size-fits-all security solution can be ineffective is that businesses have different security risks and priorities. In retail, business owners tend to concentrate more on shoplifters and would need a video surveillance system in the store. In more corporate environments, the main goal is data protection, so a cybersecurity solution would be more beneficial. 

It’s always a good idea to look into customized business security solutions available on the market. 

Going That Extra Mile Could Be The Difference Your Business Security Needs 

Statistics show that visible security measures, such as alarm boxes or video surveillance cameras, reduce the chance of a burglary.

At the end of the day, being business security-wise and assertive will go a long way in protecting your assets and interests. But choosing the right security solution is the only sure-fire way to ensure professional piece of mind.