Business Security Systems – Anticipated Trends in Access Control for Campuses

Throughout the school sector and beyond, society as a whole has become a living breathing organ of security consciousness. In an effort to create a sense of security itself, years of work and creation have gone into designing and manufacturing adaptable and capable business security systems. They are used specifically for keeping the bad out and the good in. As they say, necessity is the mother of all invention.

Thousands of years ago, man created the lock and key system. In the 1850s, alarm systems started cropping up in campuses around the globe. And, in the 1980s, an amazing new system of security – surveillance – took the world by storm. With each generation, security gets more and more sophisticated and every step has led up to our current leading security choice. Access control. 

When taking a closer look at our current sectors and definitions of physical and information security, access control for campuses is a selective/determined restriction of access to a specific place or other important resources e.g. computers, servers and programs.

Different acts of accessing may include: consuming, entering, or using these facilities. Any needed permission to access a specific resource is called ‘authorization’. In current times, our ability to verify a person or intention has increased tenfold. We are now capable of amazing achievements, including facial recognition, fingerprint scanners, key-card readers, malware protection, and even forewarning and advanced alert systems. 

With so many exciting things happening already one can only imagine what is yet to come.

Trends to Watch Out For in the Future of Business Security Systems

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Like the very definition of a trend demonstrates – a general direction in which something is developing or changing, the world of access control for campuses is an ever-shifting and growing development. It has already become a major function within business security systems and is only going to become more so. The following trends are good examples of this:

Cloud-Based Products 

The notion of network-based computing dates back to the 1960s. But, many believe the first use of “cloud computing” in its modern form occurred on August 9, 2006. This is a  type of computing that relies on shared resources, rather than having local servers or personal devices to handle applications. Benefits include quicker installation time, automatic software updates, flexibility and mobility, managed services, and increased cybersecurity. It’s easy to see why there is an increased installation and usage rate expected in this particular branch of security.

Mobile Credentials and Biometrics  

In a nutshell, mobile biometrics involves individual biometric identification on a mobile device. These standards of identification include body measurements and calculations e.g. fingerprints, retinal scanning, and facial recognition. Recent studies have shown that both governments and private industry leaders and corporations are turning to mobile biometrics. It helps to speed up the processing of human identification. Newer mobile devices are now created with built-in biometric sensors. Or, one can achieve this by attaching portable biometric hardware to their devices via a USB cable or through a Wi-Fi connection.

Increased Business Security Systems Collaboration Between Companies and Manufacturers 

In 2019, moving forward will no longer be about simply protecting sensitive data and keeping hackers out of our systems. In our current time of big data, bigger risks, and artificial intelligence, our standing on cooperation data can lead to enormous business opportunities and scientific and medical breakthroughs. Security is also going to have to focus on enabling organizations to leverage, collaborate, and jointly protect their data. Without exposure to privacy breaches, giving up of intellectual property, or having their data misused. We plan to achieve this in a number of ways. This includes applying advanced analytics and AI to data while encrypted, which can generate insights into potential risks without ever exposing unprotected data.

Comprehensive Security Patching

Studies from July 2018 found that old security flaws in enterprise resource planning software are being exploited. This is generally done by hackers, malicious software, and bots. Because of this, there has been an increase in cyber attacks worldwide. Companies have started worrying about how to protect themselves from these types of threats. That is why one of the top five access control trends of 2019 is patching these vulnerabilities, even if it creates a temporary disruption in the production environment. Broken into different types of patches including Binary patches, Source code patches and large patches; companies are planning on using these tried and tested methods in an effort to fix security holes. 

Data Analytics and Identifying Potential Threats

In 2019, there is a predicted increase in enterprises using and expanding their data analytics. This should occur to monitor and mitigate any potential threats. This plans to extend beyond detecting threats as they happen and will encompass risk simulation tools and what-if scenarios too. Companies will continue to use dashboards that monitor any and all access, but they will also be moving toward running possible scenarios to identify potential SoD issues and conflicts. There is also a predicted use of role design analysis tools to prevent software roles from expanding into grey territory over time and to maintain the integrity of role structure within these business security systems.

An Exciting Time Of Access and Control to Come 

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You can rest assured that access control has not only become a fundamental feature of security but will continue to grow and strengthen as worldwide threats become more advanced. We can expect that access control will be at the center of the expansion within the security industry moving forward. 

And based on all of the amazing things we have already achieved in this industry – one can only imagine where we will end up. Yes, we do not live in a perfect world, but breath easy! With All Campus Security, your future will be a secure one. 

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