Business Security Solutions With Access Control

Access control systems are an essential feature of integrated business security solutions. They are developed to ensure the safety of both staff, visitors and sensitive data. They make sure that only authorized individuals have access to specific areas.

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Whether your business or school has made use of the same access control system for many years, there’s a special event coming up, or you’re considering an upgrade, there’s never a bad time to evaluate and improve your access control systems and procedures. Of course, improving your access control systems doesn’t necessarily mean shelling out for expensive new technology. There are certain steps, such as engaging Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) concepts, or watching out for tailgating, that can improve your business security solutions.

Business Security Solutions – Five Ways to Improve your Building’s Access Control System

Evaluate the usefulness of your system

The first step in improving your access control system is reviewing the fundamental purpose it serves. You need to assess whether it effectively serves that purpose. This evaluation includes the location of the control systems and whether the system protects the assets and individuals that require it.

Review who has access

Some access control systems, especially in buildings with high turnover rates, can have an issue with the number of active access tokens. These actives often exceed the number of users who actually require access. For example, when a token’s access is allowed, even after an employee leaves the company. In an assessment of one organization’s access control, they revealed that there were 600 active access tokens but only 150 employees. Reviewing who has access and ensuring the correct people have access to only the sections of the buildings necessary can help to improve business security. You can also set up timeout features to help prevent future issues. For example:

  • You can shut off access once the card remains unused for a specified period of time
  • Renew cards after a certain period of inactivity
  • Link access control tokens to a human resources database

Watch out for tailgating 

Holding the door open for someone is the polite thing to do. But it undermines the entire point of an access control system. And, it leads to potential risks. One way to improve access control is to educate employees on observing who they are holding the door open for. They should only do so for those who also have permission for the part of the building they are trying to access. Implement multiple layers of security to deal with tailgating.

Upgrade your technology

Business security solutions like access control technology are always advancing. Ideally, you should update your access control system every ten years. The 125-kilohertz systems used by proximity readers that were popular a few years ago are now outdated. This also leads to security risks. The technology is easily manipulated, and the access cards are easy to duplicate. 

Periodically test the system

Don’t leave a security system to its own devices. One way to keep your access control system functioning optimally is to test it on a monthly or quarterly basis. You need to ensure proper functionality and to make sure security managers can plan any changes or improvements in advance.

Bonus Tip: Incorporate Video Into Your Access Control System

Incorporating video surveillance into your access control system can provide a higher level of security. It allows you to view information from both systems in a single interface, thereby letting you verify the identity of users attempting to access certain parts of a building.

Integrated Business Security Solutions

Access control systems can help to protect your staff, visitors and assets. But, integrated security systems are the future of security – combining multiple security systems into one solution for improved ease. Integrated security systems allow you to control all systems from one console, evaluating information from all systems at the same time – for example, integrating video surveillance and access control systems – which can have many benefits and applications, such as using video object counting to detect tailgating or beginning a video recording when a blacklisted or stolen token attempts access.

Business Security Solutions and Access Control Installation

Running a heavily trafficked establishment is difficult enough without having to worry about security. All Campus Security offers customized, integrated security solutions, including access control installation for organizations of all sizes and types, designed to give you peace of mind and keep your staff, customers and faculty safe. 

All Campus Security will work with you to decide which type of access control system is best for you, depending on the requirements of your business and your budget. Qualified security professionals will also ensure that access control installation occurs with as little disruption as possible to your staff and visitors.

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