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Your choice of business security solutions is one of the most important decisions you will make. It is essential for keeping your assets, staff, and visitors safe. But, not too long ago, the best anyone hoped for from their business security solutions was a system that sounded an alarm if the correct code wasn’t punched in in time. Or, one that sent a signal across the phone lines when an emergency occurred. Nowadays though, rapid advances in technology have led to a complicated landscape of innovations. This can make it difficult to find a simple and effective security system that suits your campus’ needs. 

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Some security systems can even aid in identifying and prosecuting criminals. Of course, a business or campus’s security needs will be different from those for a home, with more complex requirements. Commercial buildings often have more foot traffic. And, depending on the services or products offered, could also be far more attractive for criminals. Since businesses and campuses have more complex needs, their security systems are also more complex. They usually feature access control, video surveillance and remote monitoring. 

While it is tempting to rush into a new system, to take advantages of the benefits it offers, it is important to take time to consider your specific requirements. These include:

  • The physical areas of your business
  • Which features you need
  • Which areas need the most security
  • How much security you want

Do you need to keep out burglars? Or, is there sensitive information that needs to be kept separate from your general staff?

When choosing a security solution for your campus, there are a few key features to keep an eye out for. 

Five Key Features of Business Security Solutions

Integrated Video Surveillance and Access Control

Video surveillance and access control are vital parts of any business security solution. The system should also have the ability to record video for future reference. Cloud-based storage is the latest trend in video surveillance. Conditional recording, such as recording only when an invalid access token tries to access a secure area, or when a motion detector records movement, may also be a viable option for some campuses.

Motion Sensor Technology

You can link motion sensor technology to alarm systems and video surveillance, sending alerts or beginning a video recording when the system detects movement. This is extremely helpful in saving video storage space, and in saving time when going through footage to find a specific incident. 

Remote Access Capability

While some security systems require you to be on the premise in order to monitor the system, recent innovations mean that some systems allow you to monitor remotely – such as viewing video surveillance from your smartphone or home computer. Remote monitoring also allows you to quickly tell the difference between a real and a false alarm. So, you only need to worry when there is a real danger.

Centralized Command Center

Managing your entire security system from a centralized location is very important for most businesses. Being able to view video surveillance, access control, alarm systems, and motion detectors from a single location and through a single feed makes for easier management.

Instant Alerting

While some alarm systems merely make a loud noise or flash lights when detecting an intruder, which may be enough to scare them off, most security systems come with instant alert features. These provide alerts via email or messaging when it detects unusual activity. This can also boost security and prevent losses by allowing you to react to incidents with sufficient speed. 

Business Security System Installation

Further than protecting your campus from vandalism and theft, business security system installation can also improve day-to-day operations, productivity, and profits. Video surveillance systems, for example, can improve productivity by monitoring workflow. They can also help you to protect, monitor and secure both your employees and your company.

Business security system installation should be personalized in a way that will be of the most benefit to your campus, taking into account your requirements and budget. 

All Campus Security offers customized, integrated business security solutions, including video surveillance and access control systems, for organizations of all sizes and types. We help you with business security solutions, designed to give you peace of mind and keep your staff, customers, and faculty safe. 

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